Medical Call Center Answering Services for Healthcare Facilities In California

Healthcare Medical HIPPA Compliant Phone Call Answering Service For Fresno, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco

Healthcare Medical HIPPA Compliant Phone Call Answering Service

Pro Call Center offers phone call center and medical answering services through secure messaging for medical centers, hospitals and diagnostic centers throughout California including Fresno, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco.

Our secure messaging and doctor answering service covers a vast range of businesses to help you cover all your communications services.

We provide professional medical answering services, operated by trained experts. Our doctor answering service employees use the script you provide to take care of all your secure messaging needs.

Our medical answering services come with a number of benefits including:

  • Improvement in business efficiency
  • Business image enhancement
  • Better use of your personnel
  • Medical “VoIP lines for redundancy”

By keeping us in charge of your doctor answering service, you can reduce the time spent by your employees attending your numerous queries. This will allow your personnel time for more productive and urgent tasks, while we handle your secure messaging needs and complete medical answering services.

Doctor Call Answering Service for Emergencies or After Hours

Our medical answering services are sure to elevate your image in the eyes of competitors and customers alike.

We employ the use of state-of-the-art technology for our medical answering services to meet all your secure messaging requirements.

An overview of the primary physical components used in your doctor answering service includes:

  • Special grade “T1” multiplexed phone lines
  • Private Branch eXchange system
  • High speed networks
  • Backup equipment on site

With the aforementioned equipment, your secure messaging needs and doctor answering service requirements are carefully and safely recorded, monitored and executed.

Our doctor answering service can be used to keep prank callers and unwanted interferences at bay. Our medical answering services include filtering of your calls to exclude non-essential calls from those you need to attend to.

In addition, we have our own power generator in case of a power failure. This helps us keep your secure messaging safe and ensures that your medical answering services are never hindered.

Compliant with HIPAA Secure Messaging Regulations

HIPPA Compliant Healthcare Phone Call Center Answering Services - Anchorage, Alaska

HIPPA Compliant Healthcare Phone Call Center Answering Services

Pro Call Center has been providing a doctor answering service and catering to people’s secure messaging needs since 1988.

By serving 24/7 and keeping all medical answering services active all year round we are sure to comply with your basic operational needs even during holiday periods.

Our doctor answering service is driven by:

  • Reliability and assurance
  • Professionally trained employees
  • Safety and backup

We are an award-winning call center offering a medical answering service. Our secure messaging business has expanded over the years, thanks primarily to word-of-mouth recommendations for our professional approach.

Gift your center a doctor answering service today. Give us a call on 800-710-3642.