Medical Healthcare & HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Medical Healthcare & HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Pro Call Center Inc is dedicated to a patient first approach. With our dedicated agents we are here to manage your inbound calls for daytime overflow and message taking, paging, patient scheduling and secure messaging needs.

Our phone systems are unmatched with our competitors. We offer state-of-the-art technology both in our center and for your providers. With our Special grade “T1” multiplex phone lines, Private Branch eXchange systems, on-site generators and our phone/internet redundancies, we have you covered.

Outsourcing your patient calls to Pro Call Center Inc can help improve staff efficiency, office revenue and solve key patient challenges. Let us be the first touchpoint in providing exceptional multi-channel customer support for your message taking, paging or medical scheduling needs.

MiSecureMessages is an optional feature that Pro Call Center Inc offers. This secure messaging app allows you to download it on your Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, Android mobile device or for use on your desktops, Laptops or tablets.

MiSecureMessaging encrypts all messages, keeping you secure. Messages are not stored on your devices, passcodes are required, access can be remotely disabled with the help of our talented staff, making MiSecureMessages HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

MiSecureMessages gives you an easy-to-use application that will allow you to communicate between yourself and our staff and/or other staff within your organization. Providers have the ability to receive all patient information directly to their device and then have the ability to forward it to another provider or reply to the Answering Service directly.

To learn more about our 24/7 phone support please browse through our website, start a chat or give us a call at 800-710-3642.

Phone Call Answering Services Frequently Asked Questions

We have been providing our professional call services since 1988.  In that time we have served countless clients and honed our abilities and expertise to a high-level that few others can match.

Our answering services record all of your messages.  We can also automatically share those with you in a number of ways.  Those include transmitting them to you via text, fax, email, secure messaging platform or a secure web-based portal.

With our call answering services you can save time, focusing on other tasks you need to get done.  You can also take a break if you want as our call service is always available.  We also tend to be lower cost than many internal or external alternatives while ensuring your calls are answered consistently and courteously.