About us

Pro Call Center Inc was founded April 1st, 1988, by Janet Train and her mother, Gloria Wilson. The dream started with a single desk, one phone and 3 clients. In the beginning all messages taken were handwritten and placed into a wooden cubby to later be relayed to the clients when they would call in. This was all before Fax machines and email.
One year later in 1989 Janet’s daughter Kelly Train joined the duo and in 1999 they installed the first backup generator to keep the phones live during any and all unexpected power outages to ensure our client’s phones would still be answered.
In 1993 Janet installed the company's first “top-of-the-line" telephone computer switch to be utilized with their first computers. Over the next few years our company grew due to word of mouth and Janets previous job working as the director of communications for a local hospital in Tacoma. Due to this growth in our clientele, in 1995 we were able to expand from a single suite to a two-suite building and introduced our first faxing and paging capabilities.
1997 the “big flood of 97” occurred. Gloria was working and noticed water pouring into one of the suites. The water main in another suite had burst and water was building up. Janet, thinking quickly, jumped into action, and busted out the suite window with an office chair to allow the water to drain and protect her business. The actions that Janet took that night allowed Pro Call Center Inc to continue to provide all of our client's phone and paging services without ever going down. True dedication to her dream!
In 1998 we expanded some more....more family came to join the Pro team!

In 2004 Drew Bell, grandson of Janet Train came to work dispatch calls on the weekends at age 14. He did so via a Nextel two-way radio with drivers delivering oxygen to patients. After a few years of doing this, he wanted to do more, and do more he did. He started taking live calls.

With continued growth and the retirement of Janet Train, Drew and Kelly continue the legacy started by Janet and Gloria many years ago. All the successes and accomplishments would never have been possible without Janet and Gloria’s dream!

In 2021, Drew realized that we would need to adapt to the ever-changing times due to the pandemic and we opened our newest addition. Patient scheduling for three major health groups in Washington state. As of 2024, we currently have 3 suites and employ over 40 employees, still operating 24/7 - 365. We continue to set ourselves apart by still being family owned and operated, giving each client that extra little TLC that they deserve and love about Pro Call Center Inc. With all of our success’ we have been able to upgrade all systems to allow us to go above and beyond for all our clients. We can customize our scripting to our clients’ needs, introduce API integrations with our clients' systems to make things simpler and more efficient. We allow our clients to view and edit their own call schedules, view their messages, and even page staff and/or providers via the web.

Meet Our Staff

Our team is full of remarkable and talented individuals. Put a face to a name as we support your business below!

woman smiling moderate hair

Kelly Train
Reliable, Passionate, Punctual


man smiling short hair

Drew Bell-Marquez
Funny, Spontaneous, Free Spirited


woman smiling glasses

Janet Train


Marshall Marquez

Marshall Bell-Marquez
Adventurous, Motivated, Family-Oriented

Business Operations Manager

Justin Ferry

Justin Ferry
Ambitious, Dedicated, Enthusiastic

Client Relations Manager

Pro Call Center Staff

Staci Davis
Straight-forward, Compassionate, Fun

Administrative Assistant


Chris Scartozzi
Curious, Honest, Flexible

Administrative Assistant


Cameron Scartozzi
Creative, Analytical, Comedic

Administrative Support, Billing


Derek Cain
Honest, Patient, Witty

Administrative Assistant


Myron Train
Smart, Genuine, Driven

Administrative Assistant

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